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Creating a scalable solar powered lighting system to elevate outdoor events.
Jan - Oct 2022
teammates: Zahra Ghiasi, Lucien Tirou
Given the brief to create a solar-powered luminaire, we applied this technology to outdoor social gatherings. During warm summer evenings, outdoor events like music and food festivals could be lit up to further extend the party into the night.
A dock system with wireless luminaires means users could freely walk around with their lights and bring it to their groups.
To fit more lamps onto the same charger, we explored creative ways to stack, compress, and expand the diffusing body. The plexiglass rod emerged as our choice material, diffusing light in 360 degrees while maintaining a compact form.
For the charging dock, an angled surface aligned the lamps on their contacts and held themin place. The angle also helped to present the devices and reduce vertical space. The docking and retrieval had to be simple and intuitive.
The final dock needed to hold together the charging racks, solar panel, and mother battery. Depending on the event, more racks could be added, and solar panels and batteries of different wattage could be installed with our modular system.
In preperation for Dutch Design Week 2022, we completely redesigned the lamp and the rack to be more robust and manufacturable.
The charging dock comes in one complete collapsible package with 15 lamps. To scale up for larger events, organisers could easily install multiple docks on site.
Our group exhibiting at Eindhoven for Dutch Design Week 2022